The really interesting book

So I decided to write the book. This section will be the place where you will eventually be able to read more about it and order it. However, it won’t be published before 2024 because I’ve decided to work on some other projects at the same time.

Nevertheless, it is a project I have been thinking about for a long time and I am having to make some sacrifices (not animals or humans) to achieve the goal. I believe it will be well worth it, whatever happens. In the worst case, I will have written something rather cool which will make my life more interesting. In the very best case, I will make tonnes of cash and reinvest much of that into an even bigger creative project I have been working on.

I am not giving anything away though so you will just have to wait until the book hits the (mostly virtual) “shelves”. In the meantime, I will be posting about my rather strange life and thoughts for those who may be curious about such things. It won’t be half as fascinating as the really interesting book I will be publishing but it is almost certainly weird enough to arouse some people’s curiosity.

Is the self an illusion?

My quick answer to this question is that it merely depends on what we mean by the “self” but ultimately “YES”: the self can be viewed as an illusion in the sense that many Buddhist-inspired meditators and therapists have in mind. However, it’s worth exploring both the “NO” and the “YES” answers to this question … Continue reading “Is the self an illusion?”

Writing tunes for fun

One of the ways I’m keeping myself amused these days is to write little tunes just for fun. It all began when I was walking through town and suddenly noticed the following item displayed in the window of a Cash Converters store. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. And the price? Just … Continue reading “Writing tunes for fun”

Living in a tent

I have already been living in a tent for a few days and so far I don’t mind it too much… Of course, it’s a bit of an experiment and much easier during the Summer nights but if I can get used to this way of living then it would be a great way to … Continue reading “Living in a tent”

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