Writing tunes for fun

One of the ways I’m keeping myself amused these days is to write little tunes just for fun.

It all began when I was walking through town and suddenly noticed the following item displayed in the window of a Cash Converters store.

Isn’t “she” beautiful? (no, no, I don’t really call him that)

Needless to say, it was love at first sight. And the price? Just over £20 !

Some of the tunes I’m writing are very silly and only aimed at making people laugh. For example, one of my friends had a bad headache the other day so I quickly improvised the following recording while walking around outside (nowadays I often carry the synthesiser in my rucksack in case of musical emergencies).

Yes yes okay, the singing isn’t exactly polished but hey it’s raw, unedited and what I actually came up with on the spot. To be honest, some of the tunes are a lot sillier than that. At some point, I may post a few more examples here…

One of the dangers of getting into songwriting is that you may start promising people songs and then you start to feel this terrible pressure to write them, which doesn’t tend to help because it all feels too forced. In one case I ended up writing my friend Beatrix a song about how I hadn’t yet written the song I had promised her.

Despite having amassed substantial musical debts to friends, I’m already dreaming about writing a full length one-man YouTube musical. I guess it could be a story about a traumatised weirdo stranded in the North East. I can imagine the reviews: “Not terrible by any stretch… And all he used was a cheap Android phone and a £20 used synth!”

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